The Ultimate Guide to Pill Cutters

Some people cut their pills in half and they do this because they want to try and save money on their prescription drugs. Of course, if you have a medicine that is available in double or even triple the normal dose that you take then it is very easy for you to split your pills.

The problem is that a lot of pills can’t actually be split safely and the FDA has issued plenty of warnings in regards to the risks that they can pose. Professional societies that represent doctors and even pharmacies have stated that you can’ cut every pill that has a groove.

Pills You Can Split Safely

If you know that your pill has a score down the middle then this doesn’t mean that it is safe for you to split. It is a good idea for you to look for the FDA approval when you are splitting pills and when you do this you know that you can easily take advantage of everything that it has to offer. If a pill that you have has a very hard outer coating then you shouldn’t split it down the middle because in doing so you would release the powder that is inside.

When you do this, you can make it hard to swallow and it can even change the way that your body absorbs the medicine as well so this is something else that you need to think about. Of course, pills are formulated to deliver you the medicine you want and they are also meant to be taken slowly throughout the day. You’ll probably lose this capability if you happen to split the pills in half.  If your pill contains gel or even a powder then this needs to be taken in a full pill. On top of this, if you know that your pill has a very small or even a very uneven shape then you won’t be able to split this evenly.

What Could Go Wrong?

If you chat with your doctor then they might tell you that your pills are safe to split but there can be problems. After all, you run the risk of having an uneven dose and for some drugs they have to be so accurate that this can be really dangerous for you to do. If you take a look at crushed pills then some of these can be turned to powder. It is very hard for you to split powder into two different doses.

If you forget to split your pills then you will be taking twice as much as your doctor said. Another thing that you have to think about is your physical limitations. If you have a physical limitation then this can make your hands very unsteady. If your vision is bad then it can be tough to split the pills by yourself as well, even if you do have a pill cutter.

On top of this, pill splitting refers to the simple practice of splitting a pill up so that it can provide you with a lower dose. It is possible to do this so you can reduce the cost of it or because you need a bigger dose than what is required. A lot of  pills are very suitable for splitting and this includes aspirin and even paracetamol. These come pre-scored in most cases so keep that in mind.

What Is A Pill Cutter

Pill splitters are incredibly simple and they aren’t very expensive either. You can split your pills up easier than ever before and this means that you can hold the tablet in place with a piece of plastic. You then have a blade and this also comes with a compartment as well. This will usually hold the pill in place for you while you bring down the blade. When you have the tablet in place the blade is then pressed down and this helps you to split the pill that you have. You need to do this with a very high level of care and you also need to watch out for the pill moving when you do split it as well.

Pill Scoring- Why You Need a Pill Cutter

A drug manufacturer may provide your pill so that it comes with a groove. This means that you can use this as a guide when you are lining up your blade. Of course, when a manufacturer does state that you can split the pill and when they do provide you with a groove, you need to make sure that the blade rests on the groove before you make your cut. Pills should have grooves if the split dosage is the therapeutic dose.

The pill, when it is split should not cause toxicity and it should also be stable when it comes to the expected humidity and even temperature as well. You should also find that the split pill needs to have the effect to a full pill and at the same dose. As mentioned above though, if your pill comes with a groove then this doesn’t always mean that it can be split. If you don’t have a pill cutter, you risk cutting the pill unevenly.

Using Your Pill Cutter

If you want to use your pill cutter then it is a good idea for you to hold the unit on a very flat surface. You then need to make sure that you open the lid and place the pill down. When you have done this, bring the blade down to cut the pill.

You’ll want to keep your fingers away from this as much as possible and you will also want to make sure that you wash your hands and your device after using it as well. The blade can put you at risk of injury as well so do. So now you know about the pill cutter, why don’t you have a look for the best pill cutter. You can buy a pill cutter online from any reputable pharmacist.